High School Senior Project Program

Over the course of the two week program, students will have the opportunity to learn about the operation of both Playhouse Square and Cleveland Play House by attending meetings, learning about our performance spaces, and participating in department activities. 

Applications are now closed.

May 4-15, 2020


  1. High school senior graduating in 2020
  2. Access to reliable transportation
  3. Be receiving credit from your high school to participate in a senior project
    1. Those not receiving credit may still apply, but it is preferred that a student be receiving credit for the program
  4. Flexible schedule to participate in the entire program
    1. If you have AP exams, you will be excused for those
  5. Students interested in pursuing a career in the arts & culture field are preferred

How do I participate in the Program?

Applications for this program closed on February 10, 2020. No further applications are being accepted at this time.

Why is there an application to participate?

Due to high volume of requests, Playhouse Square and Cleveland Play House are partnering together to present a formal high school senior project program. Due to the activities occurring during the program, only a small number of students can be accepted to participate.

When does the application period close?

The application closed on February 10, 2020.

How long is the program?

Two Weeks. May 4-8 & May 11-15, 2020.

Can I participate in just half of the program?

No. Accepted students are required to participate the full two weeks of the program.

What time of day will the program take place?

While exact hours have not been decided yet, the program will generally take place morning/afternoon on weekdays.

Can I change the dates/times of my participation?

No. Accepted students are required to participate on the designated dates/times set aside for this program. There is no opportunity to add dates unfortunately.

What if my high school senior project dates are different than what this program is offering?

If your required participation dates are different, we recommend you talk with your teacher/project advisor about your requirements and ability to apply for this program.

When will I find out if I am accepted into the program?

Applicants will hear about decisions sometime between February 17-26, 2020.

Are shadowing opportunities available any other time during the year?

At this time we are only offering shadow opportunities for high school students during this designated senior project program.‚Äč 

What if I'm not a high school senior? Can I still participate?

Unfortunately the program is only available to high school seniors at this time. We encourage you to keep this program in mind for your senior year and consider applying at that time.

What if I have an AP exam during the program time frame?

Students who have to take an AP exam (or any other mandatory school related activity, such as graduation practice) will be excused. Please note that we are not able to offer additional time to make up for those hours. However, students will have the option to see shows which will count towards hours, which can be used to make up any missed time.

How many hours will the program be in total?

The exact number of hours are TBD - however the program usually runs about 40 hours in total. With a few additional hours available to participate in by seeing shows.

If I have a question that needs answered immediately, who may I contact?

Please email Megan Anderson at [email protected] with any questions.