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Feb 15  |  Mimi Ohio Theatre Cie Herve Koubi DANCECleveland

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Performing “What the Day Owes To the Night”, the all-male French company made up of 12 dancers, Cie Herve Koubi, will make their Ohio debut in a performance that is sure to awe audiences with acrobatic flips, stunning spins and elusive creativity that have brought audience members on their feet by the end of the show all across the world. The performance combines capoeira, martial arts, hip hop, and contemporary dance and combines the movement with visual depictions of the Eastern world by European artists—and Islamic architecture. Inspired by his father’s deathbed revelation that Koubi’s family originated in Algeria, rather than in France as Koubi had believed, the piece explores Koubi’s newfound roots and depicts a journey home. Mixing contemporary dance with gestural movement, hip-hop and acrobatics, Cie Herve Koubi fuses Algerian and Burkina Faso dancers for the high energy piece titled, What the Day Owes To the Night which he created in 2013.