Oct 20  |  Mimi Ohio Theatre Secrets & Illusions Illusionist Ivan Amodei

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  • Sun  |  Oct 20 4:00 PM
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Illusionist Ivan Amodei & Winner of Penn & Teller Fool Us.

Illusionist and Winner of Penn & Teller FOOL US, Ivan Amodei will amaze with his brand new stage show SECRETS & ILLUSIONS. With the Boston Globe hailing him “Brilliant & Enthralling,” Penn & Teller describing it as “Gorgeous all the way through,” and Hollywood Today stating, “He’s the most exciting illusionist we’ve ever seen.”

Set on the dark and deserted streets of Paris, you’ll enter the legendary Louvre Museum, where an enchanting musical muse escorts you through galleries, while Ivan uncovers life’s greatest mysteries deep inside the priceless works of art, one dazzling illusion at a time.

You’ll witness a game of Russian Roulette with a 12” Bowie Hunting Knife and a guest having to face their greatest fear. You’ll see a person track down love in the most unexpected place, discover how the Laws of Attraction helps an audience member find how to make the right choices in life and witness TIME stop for the entire audience. This show will ultimately inspire, encourage and motivate you to discover your destiny.  

"Brilliant & Enthralling." - The Boston Globe "Gorgeous all the way through." - Penn & Teller