Report to the Community

Life changing...Changing lives

In our Report to the Community, we are proud to share with you the inspiring stories of five individuals with unique connections to PlayhouseSquare: a renowned entertainer, an educational visionary, a loyal neighborhood business tenant, two passionate donors, and a dedicated RedCoat volunteer.

Jim – The Artist


Tony – The Educator


Tom – The Managing Partner


Hewitt and David – The Donors


Sharlon – The Volunteer


Did you know?

  • On average, more than 1 million guests attend 1,500+ events/performances at PlayhouseSquare every year.
  • 250,000+ people are reached by PlayhouseSquare's Community Engagement & Education Department every year.
  • More than $60 million is infused into the local economy every year by PlayhouseSquare's not-for-profit mission.
  • PlayhouseSquare must raise more than $4 million every year to sustain its mission.

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Videos about PlayhouseSquare can be found on the Our Story portion of our site.