GE Chandelier and Dazzle the District

In 2014, Playhouse Square dramatically transformed the neighborhood through the creation of a stunning, iconic identity designed to bring the beauty of the historic theaters outdoors. The result was unveiled during a celebration called “Dazzle the District” with 25,000 people on May 2, 2014.

Being surrounded by activity, dynamic signage and glowing light signal that you have arrived at a lively downtown destination.

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GE Chandelier

RetroSign.jpgThe centerpiece of the transformation is the one-of-a-kind GE Chandelier - the largest outdoor chandelier in North America - created in the style of grand chandeliers seen in Playhouse Square theaters and lobbies. The GE Chandelier itself is 20 feet in height and adorned with 4,200 crystals. Each crystal was added to the chandelier by hand, a process that took 20 minutes to complete for each piece. Suspended from a 44-foot high steel structure, the GE Chandelier graces the intersection of East 14th Street and Euclid Avenue.

Retro Sign

RetroSign.jpgWhen the Connor Palace opened in 1922, the Keith Building (in which it’s located) was the tallest building in downtown Cleveland. The “stick-built” sign on top of the building was the largest electrical sign in the world. Our retro sign is a nod to our 1920s-era roots, evoking the feel of the Keith Building sign. Rising to a height of 44 feet, the retro sign is four feet taller than the iconic “Hollywood” sign and features 9-foot tall letters and 900 3-inch LED bulbs. Spanning the Cowell & Hubbard and Dwellworks buildings near East 13th Street and Euclid Avenue, the retro sign casts its glow over U.S. Bank Plaza.

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Blade Sign

RetroSign.jpgThe Playhouse Square “blade” sign replaced a similarly shaped “Playhouse Square Center” sign on the Loew’s building. The newer version, though larger, is much more energy-efficient. It runs off the same amount of energy as two toasters.


RetroSign.jpgPrior to Dazzle the District, the Allen, Mimi Ohio and KeyBank State marquee uprights required vinyl signage that was expensive and difficult to change. The newer marquees use LED technology that’s easily changeable and more environmentally friendly. And for the first time since the theaters were renovated in the 1980s, the Connor Palace received its own marquee upright!


RetroSign.jpgFour gateways designate key entry points to the neighborhood: Prospect and East 14th Street, Prospect and Huron, Euclid and East 12th Street, and Euclid and East 17th Street. Each gateway is 35 feet tall at its highest point.

U.S. Bank Plaza

RetroSign.jpgThe perfect place for casual meetings, relaxation and entertainment, U.S. Bank Plaza features a permanent stage; lighting and sound system; cozy fire pit and a summer dining experience.

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University Hospitals Clock

RetroSign.jpgThis elegant clock, more than 15 feet tall, graces U.S. Bank Plaza.

Digital Signage Network

RetroSign.jpgA digital signage network above and at pedestrian level creates movement, interaction with viewers, color and vibrancy throughout the neighborhood. 

Architectural Lighting

RetroSign.jpgLighting on neighborhood buildings generate a glowing nightly ambiance.