Season Ticket Pricing

Pricing for the KeyBank Broadway Series is based on your seat location, and the day of the week your performance will take place. For example, sitting closer to the stage may cost more than sitting upstairs in the balcony. Similarly, if you have tickets for Tuesday Week Two performances, you may pay less than someone in the same seats on Friday or Saturday of Week Two.

To make it easy, we have created this season ticket cost calculator below that will help you review your options before you become a season ticket holder.

Note: As a Season Ticket Holder, you can always switch show dates if something comes up.

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Seating chart at Connor Palace

Make Your Selections

Tip: All KeyBank Broadway shows run for a minimum of three weeks. An advantage to choosing an earlier week provides more ticket exchange dates if something comes up.
Tip: Saturdays and Sundays are the only days with matinee performances but weekday performances can offer cost savings vs. shows on the weekends.
Tip: The closer to the stage, the higher the ticket prices tend to be. Want to sit in the first 15 rows? Check out our Donor Circle program.
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