Guarantee Your Seats!
Fan holding Cats ticketsI called Playhouse Square to see if I could exchange our CATS tickets for ones with a better view. Today a package from them arrived addressed to Eleanor. They sent her sparkly Cats earmuffs and a card thanking her for coming to see CATS and that they hope she has a great time. What a lovely thing for them to do!”
Our family's love of the theatre started years ago when the Subscribers program started. I have been honored and privileged to be a part of this amazing facility and blessed to be a small part of the Playhouse Square Broadway Season Ticket Holder community.” — Linda Cappelli-O'Brien
As a young adult, I had season tickets and shared my love of live plays with friends. I stopped for a few years but missed it so much, and soon started back up again because of our theatres and how spectacular they are, every time I have an out-of-town guest, I make Playhouse Square a point of interest on my Cleveland tours.” — Agnes Sojka
Playhouse Square is a Cleveland treasure. I have enjoyed attending performances for many years and feel like we are so fortunate to have PHS in our backyard. When we moved to Cleveland in the early 1980s PHS was beginning it's restoration. I hope that it will be here for many generations.” — Lori Muller Zaim
Playhouse Square is special because it helps many people live out their dreams, or discover new dreams. It is an organization that continues to build for the future, while still keeping alive a sense of family among staff, volunteers, and supporters. Playhouse Square is important to our community because it supports the growth of the community and people to make a better community and perhaps a better world for the future.” — Joe Ferritto
Baby clothes for twinsPlayhouse Square sent us these for the twins. Absolutely love being a season ticket holder there.” — The Lannum Family
Shortly after we were married, Donna wanted to go to a Broadway show. Although I had no prior experience with big musical productions, I went along and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. We soon became season ticket holders, and when our children were old enough, we started taking them with us to many shows. Decades later, we look back and realize what an important part of our lives these performances have been, and how much they contribute to the quality of life in the Cleveland area. Joining others in supporting the organization that brings this to our city is very important to us.” — Donna & Bruce Jackson