Jan 25, 2021

Fall in Love with Broadway Couples 💌

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re reminiscing on some of the love stories we’ve seen blossom on Broadway. Check out some of our favorite Broadway couples below!

Nina and Benny - In The Heights

nina and benny ith (joan marcus:playbill).jpeg
Photo: Joan Marcus / Playbill


Alyssa and Emma - The Prom


Collins and Angel - RENT


Nabulungi and Elder Cunningham - The Book of Mormon


Elle and Emmett - Legally Blonde: The Musical

elle and emmet - (paul kolnik:playbill).jpeg
Photo: Paul Kolnik / Playbill

Shrek and Fiona - Shrek: The Musical


Tony and Maria - West Side Story 


Charlie and Lauren - Kinky Boots

kinky plabill matthew murphy.jpeg
Photo: Matthew Murphy / Playbill

Chris and Kim - Miss Saigon

matthew murphy : playbill.jpeg
Photo: Matthew Murphy / Playbill

Elphaba and Fiyero - Wicked


Guy and Girl - Once

Joan Marcus : Playbill .jpg
Photo: Joan Marcus / Playbill

Wendla and Melchoir - Spring Awakening

monique Carboni : playbill.jpeg
Photo: Monique Carboni / Playbill

Anna and the King of Siam - The King and I

paul kolnik : playbill.jpeg
Photo: Paul Kolnik / Playbill

Katherine and Jack - Newsies


Pippin and Catherine  - Pippin

joan marcus : playbill.jpeg
Photo: Joan Marcus / Playbill

Satine and Christian - Moulin Rouge!


Dawn and Ogie - Waitress


Penny and Seaweed  - Hairspray


Seymour and Audrey - Little Shop of Horrors

paul kolnik : playbill copy.jpeg
Photo: Paul Kolnik / Playbill

Aida and Radames - Aida

joan marcus : playbill copy.jpeg
Photo: Joan Marcus / Playbill

Simba and Nala - The Lion King

Deen van Meer : Theater Mania.jpg
Photo: Deen van Meer / Theater Mania

Hamilton and Eliza - Hamilton



With so many Broadway shows, there’s no doubt we are missing more iconic couples from the stage! Who is your favorite Broadway couple? Tag us @playhousesquare and let us know!