Our Mission:

We are a not-for-profit performing arts center who presents and produces a wide variety of quality performing arts, advances arts education and creates a neighborhood that is a superior destination for entertainment, business and residential living, thereby strengthening the economic vitality of the region.

The Stage

Presenting and producing a variety of the finest entertainment for the betterment of the community. more

Arts Education

A national leader in engaging the community through enriching experiences in the performing arts. more

Area Development

A major area developer creating a vibrant destination and economically-strong neighborhood. more


Performing Arts Center

A not-for-profit that must raise over $4 million dollars annually to continue improving the region's quality of life. more

Board of Trustees


  • Chair
    James A. Ratner*
  • President and CEO
    Art J. Falco*
  • Vice Chair, Community Engagement and Education
    Uleto Fuentes*
  • Vice Chair, Development
    Amy G. Brady*
  • Vice Chair, Finance
    Monte C. Repasky*
  • Vice Chair, Government Affairs
    P. Kelly Tompkins*
  • Vice Chair, Nominating and Governance
    Warren E. Anderson*
  • Vice Chair, Real Estate Development
    Daniel P. Walsh, Jr.*
  • Vice Chair, Sales and Marketing
    Chris Connor*
  • Vice Chair, Strategic Planning
    David S. Goodman*
  • Secretary Treasurer
    Kurt C. Treu*

Board Members

  • Terry Adelman
  • Thomas W. Adler*
  • Himanshu Amin
  • John D. Andrica
  • Brent D. Ballard
  • Ronald M. Berkman
  • Rick Buoncore
  • Paul H. Carleton
  • Scott Chaikin*
  • John G. Chapman, Sr.
  • Gwenay Coniglio
  • Paul J. Dolan
  • Richard H. Fearon
  • Lawrence H. Hatch
  • Amy C. Held
  • A.J. Hyland
  • David C. Jacobs
  • Alex Johnson
  • Louis G. Joseph
  • Margaret M. Judd
  • Edward J. Largent
  • Mary Lynn Laughlin*
  • Heather Lennox
  • Paul Mancino III
  • Darrell L. McNair
  • Jon H. Outcalt*
  • James R. Pender
  • Deborah Z. Read
  • Sean Richardson
  • Mark D. Ross
  • Luci Schey
  • William R. Seelbach
  • Daniel I. Simon, MD
  • Sara Ellen Stashower
  • David J. Strauss
  • K.K. Sullivan*
  • Robert J. Tomsich
  • Leila L. Vespoli
  • Dominic A. Visconsi
  • Neil C. Weinberger
  • Mort Weisberg
  • Denise G. Wells
  • Debra A. Wert
  • Vanessa L. Whiting
  • Darrell A. Young

Trustees for Life

  • Glenn R. Brown
  • Edward H. deConingh, Jr.
  • Victor Gelb
  • Forrest D. Hayes
  • Oliver C. Henkel, Jr.
  • William B. Lawrence
  • John F. Lewis
  • Julien L. McCall
  • Lindsay J. Morgenthaler
  • Rena Olshansky
  • Victor J. Scaravilli
  • Lawrence J. Wilker
  • James B. Wolf, Jr.

National Trustee

  • Thomas C. Stevens


  • Frank Jackson
  • Kevin J. Kelley
    Council President
  • Dan Brady
    President, Cuyahoga County Council

  • Armond Budish
    Cuyahoga County Executive

Co-Chairs, Playhouse Square Partners

  • Maria Ianiro
  • Peter Morrison

*Executive Committee

Page Last Updated: March 15, 2017