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Auditions for The Nutcracker 2014

Auditions will be held on Saturday, October 11th – beginning at 9:30a.m.  Doors of the Idea Center (1375 Euclid Avenue) will open at 9:30 a.m.

Online registration for The Nutcracker is now closed. Registration forms will be available to fill out at the door on the day of auditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nutcracker Audition Process

How early should I arrive with my child for the audition?

The doors to the Idea Center will be open at 9:30AM – you are asked not to arrive any     earlier than that.  

Will I stay with my child or drop them off? What will I do while my child is auditioning?

You will stay with your child at the Idea Center.  A waiting area will be provided for          parents.  There will be refreshments for sale.  There are also local businesses (coffee           shops, restaurants, etc.) which will be open at the time of the audition.

Where should I park?

PlayhouseSquare has a parking garage located on Chester Avenue (between 13th and15th Street). There are also many surface lots in the area and possibly some street parking.  Visit for more information.

What should my child wear to the audition?

Girls should wear pink tights, a solid colored leotard and their ballet slippers. Boys should wear a white t-shirt, black pants or tights and their ballet shoes.

What should we bring with us to the audition?

Your child’s photo (any photo is acceptable; just make sure the child auditioning is prominent in the shot). You might also want to bring something to keep yourself busy while you wait, a snack for your child and something to keep your child busy if they have to wait.

What are the requirements for auditioning for The Nutcracker?

  • AGE: between 9 - 14 by September 1, 2014
  • HEIGHT: 4’ - 5’ tall
  • REHEARSAL COMMITMENT: available for rehearsals in October and November 2014 (Rehearsals will be held primarily on Saturdays, but may also be scheduled on Sundays or weekdays.  Students who are selected for the Children’s Cast will receive a detailed rehearsal and performance schedule once they confirm participation)
  • PERFORMANCE COMMITMENT: available for performances on November 26, 28, 29 and 30.

When will my child know whether she/he has a part?

Decisions about Nutcracker roles are made at the audition. Your child will leave the audition knowing whether she/he has a part.  

How long does the audition last?

The audition lasts from 4 to 5 hours, depending on the number of (and behavior of) the children attending.  Children are dismissed from the audition in waves - whenever a child is not the right size or ability for consideration for any of the remaining roles, she/he will be dismissed from the audition.  It is highly unlikely that any children will leave the audition before 2:00 p.m.

Who decides which children receive which roles?

All casting decisions are made by the Joffrey Ballet.

If my child receives a part in The Nutcracker, when will I be given his/her performance schedule so that I may buy tickets?

The performance schedule is determined by mid-November. You will still have time to purchase good seats to The Nutcracker. PlayhouseSquare will make special arrangements for parents to purchase their tickets. A rehearsal schedule and information packet will be mailed or handed out shortly after the audition.

When is the first rehearsal?

The first rehearsal will be Sunday, October 12th - times are TBD. There are also potential rehearsals on Monday, October 13th and Tuesday, October 14th. If it is decided that they are needed - these rehearsals are mandatory!  If your child receives a part in The Nutcracker, they will leave the audition with a schedule for these rehearsals (times, etc.). Additional rehearsals will occur every weekend (rehearsals are usually on Saturdays, but some Sundays might also be necessary) until the show opens and you will receive that information in the mail or at rehearsal shortly after the audition. Rehearsals during performance week are mandatory and will most likely occur November 23 – 26th. Some of the rehearsals during this week might take place during school hours and we will provide the child with an absence/excuse letter for their school.

If I have questions about the Nutcracker audition process after my child has completed the audition, with whom should I speak?

All questions about Nutcracker, the audition process, the rehearsal schedule or other Nutcracker-related questions will be answered ONLY by visiting