Field Trips at Playhouse Square

Field Trip Experiences and School Programs

School Matinee Performances

Give your students a field trip experience they'll never forget - the opportunity to see live theater at the largest performing arts center in the country outside of New York! Common Core-based Teacher Resource Guides are provided for each performance. For assistance in scheduling your field trip, please call Julie Wagner at 216-348-7909.

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Bus Subsidy Program

Through the generosity of donors and funders, we are pleased to offer bus subsidies to school groups who may be deterred from attending school matinee performances at Playhouse Square due to the cost of transportation. 

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Careers in the Performing Arts: Distance Learning Program for Middle and High School Students

Careers in the Performing Arts gives students opportunities to interact with performers, choreographers, directors, set designers and executives. Schools can connect through distance learning technology or join us live in the Idea Center® at Playhouse Square.

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Classroom Connections

If you are bringing your class to a school matinee performance, consider enriching your field trip experience with in-school Classroom Connections Workshops! 

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Dazzle Awards

The Dazzle Awards presented by Patricia and John Chapman aim to inspire and honor excellence in high school musical theater, and to recognize the importance of musical theater and arts education within the Northeast Ohio community. 

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Discovering the Performing Arts for Middle School Students

Your students will participate in engaging performing arts workshops. 

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Disney Musicals in Schools

Playhouse Square and Disney present a special opportunity to introduce the collaborative art of musical theater to your school. Strengthen arts programming and develop partnerships among students, faculty, staff and the greater community through this outstanding program.

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Playhouse Square Tours

Share a unique experience with your students by taking them on a private tour of Playhouse Square! Tours include history and views of various lobbies, auditoriums, and, if available, backstage spaces of Playhouse Square. For more information, please contact Megan Anderson at 216-640-8531.

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Teacher Resource Guides

Playhouse Square offers free Teacher Resource Guides to assist you in making your field trip even more meaningful.

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Looking for more information about Community Engagement & Education programs at Playhouse Square? Click here to contact the Community Engagement & Education Department.