Apr 15, 2020

8 Musical Characters Who Are Social Distancing Experts

Social Distancing may be a new term for most of us in 2020, but this concept isn’t so new to these characters from some of our favorite musicals.

  1. Shrek from Shrek the Musical
    • Who needs “A Big Bright Beautiful World”? Not Shrek. He prefers life alone in his swamp instead of life in public with people. 
  2. The Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera
    • The Phantom may be the ultimate social distancing expert. No one goes down to his lair (well, except Christine...). Plus, he started wearing a mask before it was cool.
  3. Eponine from Les Misérables
    • "On My Own" is kind of our anthem these days. Turns out, it's been Eponine's for decades. 
  4. Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    • Locked away in the bell tower, Quasimodo was forbidden from seeing others. Sounds familiar.
  5. Evan from Dear Evan Hansen
    • “Waving Through a Window” has taken on a whole new meaning since this pandemic. Benj Pasek, one of the lyricists for the show, agrees with us.
  6. Rapunzel from Tangled
    • At the time the movie came out, being locked away in a tower seemed a little unrelatable. Not anymore.
  7. Elsa from Frozen
    • We now understand what Elsa felt like hiding from everyone in her ice castle. If only we could create our own friendly snowman for company…
  8. Beast from Beauty and the Beast
    • The Beast was secluded in a castle until Belle came around. Good thing he had Lumiere, Cogsworth, and the crew for company.

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe! Until we can see you at the theaters again, keep practicing social distancing like these characters.