Apr 22, 2020

What’s open in PSQ District?

Below you will find the locations open for business in the Playhouse Square District. Whether you're supporting them by ordering takeout, buying gift cards or making hair appointments in advance, our local businesses appreciate your support.



Service Businesses

  • BarreFly: Call (216) 600-5566 or visit online.
  • Bespoke: Call (216) 600-9961 or visit online
  • Maestro Tailor: Call (216) 505-5199 or visit online.
  • Refinery Barber Shop: Call (216) 417-0007 or visit online.


  • Crowne Plaza Cleveland: Call (216) 615-7500 or visit online.


Even though their tables are empty, the kitchens are busy! We would like to help you support Downtown Cleveland by giving you the chance to win $10, which we ask you to spend on another purchase to Pay It Forward at another Downtown Cleveland business. 

Upload a photo and caption of your carry-out meal, online purchase or workout here.