CRESCO Playhouse Square Management

CRESCO Playhouse Square Management has a strong and proven track record in helping owners get the most out of their real estate assets. Our team consists of commercial real estate market professionals focuses on management services ranging from operations, accounting and maintenance to property audits, project management and consulting. For your management needs, please call us at 216-640-8700.

Our Team

  • Michael G. Corcoran, CPM, RPA, Vice President of Real Estate Services
  • Thomas W. Adler, Senior Advisor
  • Thomas H. Einhouse, Playhouse Square Foundation, Vice President of Facilities & Capital
  • Richard Hart, Property Manager
  • Emily Dennis, Property Manager
  • Allie Mack, Staff Accountant
  • Kathy Grattino, Assistant Property Manager
  • Jim Haag, Facilities Operations Manager
  • Cindy Young, Staff Accountant
  • Rebecca Simone, Accounting Manager
  • Jack Jennemann, Staff Accountant
  • Mackenzie Kepler, Accounting Assistant

Our Services

  • Operations Management    
  • Financial Management    
  • Administration Management    
  • Construction Management    
  • Facilities Management        
  • Facility Audits        
  • Maintenance Services        
  • Consulting    

Our Management Process

  • Define Owners Goals and Objectives        
  • Create operational budget/create road map        
  • Report on budget monthly
    • Operations
    • Financial /Variances
    • Administrative    
  • Monitor and adjust operations as needed        
  • Report to Ownership/Ownership meeting monthly

Benefits for Clients

  • Real Estate expertise        
  • Knowledge of the market        
  • Knowledge of the value subcontractors        
  • Construction Management expertise        
  • Knowledge base of consultants    
  • Bidding expertise for best value        
  • Personnel Management/ maintenance and services        
  • Operational and Capital Planning, Budgeting and monitoring    
  • Save Owner time and money        
  • Let Owners do what they do best and let us service their real estate needs        
  • Create Return on Investment for Owner assets/Improvement NOI