Playhouse Square Retro Sign

When the Palace Theatre (now Connor Palace) opened in 1922, the Keith Building (in which it's located) was the tallest building in downtown Cleveland. The "stick-built" sign on top of the building was the largest electrical sign in the world. Our retro sign is a nod to our 1920s-era roots, evoking the feel of the Keith Building sign. Rising to a height of 44 feet, the retro sign features 9-foot tall letters and 3-inch LED bulbs. Spanning the Cowell and Hubbard and Woolworth buildings near East 13th Street and Euclid Avenue, the retro sign casts its glow over U.S. Bank Plaza.

Playhouse Square Retro Sign Color Selection

The Playhouse Square retro sign frame changes color for:

  • national and local holidays
  • select Playhouse Square events
  • select Cleveland sports franchise games
  • events of importance to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio 

Want to know when the retro sign is changing color? See the calendar below. On all other nights, the retro sign frame lights up in its standard palette. The retro sign letters are white at all times.

Requests for color changes are not accepted at this time.

Retro Sign Schedule

September 19: Brown & Orange - Cleveland Browns Home Opener

October 5: Yellow - The Lion King

October 21: Brown & Orange - Cleveland Browns 

October 22: Wine & Gold - Cleveland Cavaliers Home Opener

November 28: Hanukkah

December 25: Green & Red - Christmas

January 1: White - New Year's Day

January 3: Brown & Orange - Cleveland Browns