Playhouse Square Henkel Lewis Award

Named in honor of Oliver C. "Pudge" Henkel and John F. Lewis, the Playhouse Square Henkel Lewis Award is bestowed annually to an individual or individuals who exemplify a lifetime dedication to the performing arts evidenced by a body of work that contributes to our culture, proven leadership within the industry, creativity, willingness to mentor young talent and respect from the theater community.

Henkel Lewis Award Winners

  • 2023: Urban Designer Danny Barnycz
  • 2022: Lyricist Sir Tim Rice
  • 2019: Broadway Producers Michael David and Edward Strong
  • 2017: Broadway Producer David Stone
  • 2016: Broadway Producer Jeffrey Seller
  • 2015: Broadway Producer Hal Luftig
  • 2014: Broadway Producers Fran and Barry Weissler
  • 2012-13: Oliver C. Henkel, Jr. And John Lewis
  • 2011: Broadway Producer Margo Lion
  • 2010: Broadway Producer Kevin McCollum
  • 2009: Disney Theatricals President Thomas Schumacher
  • 2008: Composer Marvin Hamlisch

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