Playhouse Square Star Award

The Playhouse Square Star Award is bestowed annually to an individual or individuals who exemplify a lifetime dedication to the performing arts evidenced by a body of work that contributes to our culture, proven leadership within the industry, creativity, willingness to mentor young talent and respect from the theater community.

Star Award Winners

  • 2022: Lyricist Sir Tim Rice
  • 2019: Broadway Producers Michael David and Edward Strong
  • 2017: Broadway Producer David Stone
  • 2016: Broadway Producer Jeffrey Seller
  • 2015: Broadway Producer Hal Luftig
  • 2014: Broadway Producers Fran and Barry Weissler
  • 2012-13: Oliver C. Henkel, Jr. And John Lewis
  • 2011: Broadway Producer Margo Lion
  • 2010: Broadway Producer Kevin McCollum
  • 2009: Disney Theatricals President Thomas Schumacher
  • 2008: Composer Marvin Hamlisch

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