Fundraise for Your School

Playhouse Square presents an easy, entertaining and FREE program for you to raise money for your school or organization while attending performances at Playhouse Square.

The fundraising process is simple: parents, teachers, staff, friends and family can purchase tickets online to a selected show at a discounted rate using a unique online-only promotion code. When purchased using that code, a portion of every ticket sold will be donated to your school. Once the show has concluded its run, your school will receive a check for the portion of total tickets sold.

There is no cost to participate in this program and our Group Services team can assist you with creating customized materials to generate awareness and excitement within your school or organization.

Ready to fundraise? Here’s how:

  1. Contact us and ask about fundraising
  2. Receive your special promotion code and customized materials
  3. Encourage everyone to experience the arts while raising money for your school
  4. Receive your fundraising money from Playhouse Square!