CEO Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Corporate Exclusive Online (CEO) Ticketing Program?

CEO is an online discount ticket program that is offered to local companies, businesses, and organizations as a perk for their employees or members. Participants in the CEO Program can use their unique promotion code online to purchase tickets for a majority of Playhouse Square performances at a discounted rate, with reduced handling fees. 

Why is my code not working online?

There are two common reasons your code may not be working:

1.) Are you using the correct URL? Use the direct link that is included in your CEO email or benefits communication.
2.) Is the code correct? All capital letters, no spaces, and spelled correctly.

Still not working? Contact the Group Sales Department by filling out this form or call 216-640-8600 during standard business hours.

What is the discount?

Ticket discounts vary by show and performance, there is not one set discount. However depending on the show and the seating location, discounts can range from 15% to 65% off the individual ticket price. 

I'm not seeing the discount when I select my seats, why?

CEO promo codes cannot be used on our regular ticketing website. Please make sure you're using the "BUY TICKETS" button included in your CEO email or clickable link in your benefits portal. These links will take you to the CEO Ticket Program website.

(Hint: the CEO logo should appear in the top left corner of the website.)

I can no longer make the performance date I purchased, can I exchange my tickets?

You can exchange your performance date based on availability for an additional $25.00 fee.

Is this really an online-only program?

Yes. Please note that CEO discounts are not granted in-person or over the phone.

The show I am interested in purchasing is not listed, what do I do?

If there is a show or performance not listed, it is not available for sale as part of the CEO Program. You are welcome to purchase regularly-priced tickets on our website,

I'm having difficulty with my online purchase, who can help me?

For assistance with your online purchase, contact the Group Sales Department by filling out this form or call 216-640-8600 during standard business hours.