On Demand Now through June 30, 2021  |  Streaming Event Rhapsody in Black School Performance

Event Description

Straddling the color line, not at home in any hue, a young man struggles with what it means to be black and discovers what it means to be a man.


Charting one man's odyssey through the juggernaut that is racism in America, Rhapsody in Black is a prismatic look at life on the color line--a poignant, enraging, and often hilarious travelogue through the psyche of the perpetual "other," as he spends a lifetime struggling with what it means to be black and finally comes to understand what it means to be a man. A blistering indictment of tribalism in all forms, Rhapsody in Black deconstructs notions of race and identity--provoking thought, realigning perspectives and sparking precisely the sort of conversation we all really need to be having right about now.


Recommended Grades: 9-12

This performance deals directly with issues of race and contains select instances of profanity. Mature student audiences are recommended. Further information may be provided upon request.


Content available to stream on demand at a time of your choosing now through June 30, 2021. You may access content for your classroom multiple times. One registration per classroom required. Closed captioning is available on all videos for accessibility.


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