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Mar 8  |  KeyBank State Theatre Twyla Tharp Dance DANCECleveland

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Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Twyla Tharp Dance with an evening of two dance pieces: Diabelli Variations, accompanied by a live piano performance of Beethoven’s masterpiece, and a new work set to a reimagining of Philip Glass’s iconic Aguas da Amazonia. Witty, smart, and full of startling originality and beauty, this is your chance to see why Tharp is described as one of the greatest artists of our time.
Tharp responds to the music of Beethoven with choreography that is tender, teasing, transcendent and sometimes cheeky humor that makes the music visible. She pushes the abilities of her energetic and adaptable dancers who shift effortlessly from ballet to jazz, to modern, with unexpected bits of street dance mixed in. With the unique sounds of Philip Glass’s Aguas da Amazonia, arranged and recorded by members of Third Coast Percussion, this piece is sure to heat up winter with the creativity and pizazz that is unique to Twyla Tharp’s genius.
This performance is sure to dazzle audiences with captivating dancing and phenomenal musicianship. Don’t miss the special opportunity to see this iconic modern dance company in Cleveland for the first time in 23 years! 
“The choreographer Twyla Tharp has been a classicist, a modernist, a postmodernist — often at the same time — and maybe now and then a feminist and a Romantic, too. She also has a strong streak of the clown: tough, solemn-deadpan, with crazy timing, making a joke of how impossible things can be.” — The New York Times