Legacy Circle

Individuals and families that have declared their intention to include Playhouse Square in their estate plans, whether by will, trust or life income arrangement, are recognized through the Legacy Circle. No minimum is required to participate.

As of March 7, 2022

† Denotes deceased

Anonymous (2)
Terry & Sheldon Adelman
Joanie & Tom Adler
Bruce & Judie Amsel
John & Diane Andrica
Chad & Tracie Bailey
Fred G. & Mary W. Behm
Amy & Stan Brady
Gary Burlin
Anna Bussian
Harry & Marjorie† Carlson
Patricia & John Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Charnas
Christopher & Sara Connor
Dr. Robert H. & Patricia A. Crabtree
Audrey P. DeClement
Mr. & Mrs. Edward† H. deConingh, Jr.
Craig & Lynn Donnan
Susan† & Robert Droman
Henry F. Eaton†
Esther L. & Alfred M. Eich
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver F. Emerson†
Art & Maryann Falco
Irving B.† & Gloria G. Fine
Eleanor J. Fitzgerald†
Emily A. Fleisher
Edward L. Franke†
Chris Anna Fullerton
Barbara & Peter† Galvin
Patricia A. Gaul
joan gelb
David S. Goodman & Barbara Hawley
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Guren
Virginia Harrison Hamann†
Raymond G. Hamlin, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen E. Hancock
Marsha Ann Harrison
Mary Jane Hartwell†
Lawrence & Linda Hatch
Mr. Forrest D. Hayes†
Sally & Oliver Henkel
Barry & Brenda Hummel
Mrs. Jonathan E. Ingersoll†
Bruce & Donna Jackson
Margaret Judd
Elizabeth D. Keil†
Gilbert P. & Gail A. Kenehan
Jane Kirkham†
Vivian Kist
Timothy & Judith Koeth
Susan L. Kohn†
Barbara Ellen Kozel
Mina N. Kulber†
Mr. & Mrs. Tom H. Lang
Jonathan A. Leebow
Maxine Goodman Levin†
Cathy & John† Lewis
Joyce & Bill Litzler
Mr. Julien L. McCall†
The Estate of David & Carole Mendelsohn
Kay Morabito
Wayne & Terri Mosley
Deborah L. Neale
Mr. James A. Nelson
Steve Norris & Emily Gonzales
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Novak, Jr.
Steele Nowlin & Christine Jayjack
Kevin J. O'Brien
Jane & Jon Outcalt
Jim & Kathy Pender
Florence K.Z. Pollack
Clark N. Pope & Sarah M. Planchon Pope
Nanci & Ron Pottorff†
Victor & Linda Prosak
Don & Joanne Reiss
Albert Rettig†
Linda Franklin Rhodes
Amy & Ken Rogat
Bob & Pat Roller
Walt & Carol Rosebrough
Mark D. Ross
Paul & Lori Rupert
Luci Schey
Bob & Betty Schmiermund
William & Nancy Seelbach
The Estate of Jo Hershey Seldon †
Betty W. Sinclair†
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen† H. Spaeth
Douglas & Stephenie Spiker
Lois† & Thomas Stauffer
Michelle & Mike Stewart
Arthur J. & Nancy L. Stokes
K.K. & Joe Sullivan
Paul & Sherry Carleton
Robert J. Swadey†
Gary & Nancy Temple
Kurt & Christine Treu
Gina M. Vernaci & William D. Hilyard
Leila & Tony Vespoli
Maryanne & Tom Wagner
Dan & Molly Walsh
Neil Weinberger
Jeff & Danielle Wild
William Winans