Sep 10, 2020

30 Reasons to Join Partners

We came up with 30 awesome reasons to join Playhouse Square’s young professionals group, Partners, during our 30th year…but why join now? Despite current circumstances, Partners is still an active group. Over the last 6 months, we’ve held virtual events ranging from themed happy hours to a scavenger hunt, giving you the opportunity to network and meet new friends in a safe, socially distanced way. 

Your membership also supports Playhouse Square in a time of financial need. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed performances and created priceless memories with loved ones in our historic theaters. Now, we need you to be there for us, and when our extended intermission is over, we can’t wait to welcome you back with all of the benefits below: 

  1. Support community outreach programs by raising funds and volunteering for Playhouse Square’s arts education initiatives.

  2. Build lasting friendships and connections with other Partners members.

    Game Night.JPG
    Partners members at a game night
  3. Gain valuable leadership experience for your current role – and the next. Lessons learned through Playhouse Square Partners translate across fields.

  4. Meet young professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, all who love the performing arts!

    Partners members at a performance of Cartography
  5. Learn more about the history of Playhouse Square, from its beginnings, to the near fatal wrecking ball, to the vibrant district we know and love.

  6. Build awesome set pieces and decor items for Jump Back Ball. Who knows – you may even discover a hidden talent for paint and power saws!

  7. Gain early access to purchase tickets for upcoming shows and events at the theaters.

  8. Meet the staff who make the magic happen behind the scenes.

  9. Stay until the very end of Jump Back Ball – and point out to your friends which part of the décor you helped design.

  10. Participate in a scavenger hunt through the Playhouse Square District – and sing Baby Shark to confused pedestrians.

    Partners members on a scavenger hunt around the district
  11. Create crafts with children as part of Family Theater Day – and reconnect with the child in you who loves felt, glitter and popsicle sticks.

    Family Theater Day.jpg
    Partners members volunteering at Family Theater Day
  12. Participate in private behind-the-scenes tours of Playhouse Square.  

  13. Leave work early once a month to drink and socialize – for a cause!

    HBH Beer Tasting.JPG
    Partners members at Hofbrähaus
  14. Discover new restaurants and venues in Cleveland during our brunch/lunch events.

  15. Unique behind-the-curtain access to Playhouse Square.

  16. Opportunities to dine in the private RJF Presidents’ Club.

  17. Be one of more than 800 young professionals to enjoy one of the best parties of the year at Jump Back Ball.

    Jukebox 2.jpg
    Partners members at Jump Back Ball 2020
  18. Receive invitations to exclusive Playhouse Square shows and events.

    Mean Girls.jpg
    Partners members at an event for Mean Girls
  19. We are committed to making Partners welcoming to everyone. Help us make that happen! 

  20. Be a part of the largest performance arts center outside of New York City.

  21. See some of our Cleveland-area schools perform once-in-a-lifetime at Playhouse Square during Disney Musicals in Schools presented by Dee and Jimmy Haslam.

  22. Be there to help decorate the theater lobbies and stages for Jump Back Ball.

  23. Be a part of the excitement at the annual Dazzle Awards presented by Pat and John Chapman  - a showcase of Northeast Ohio’s regional high school musicals theater programs.

  24. Mix and mingle with other young professional groups in Cleveland.

    Flight Night.jpg
    Partners members at "Flight Night"
  25. Enjoy a night out with friends at one of your favorite Broadway performances or concerts.

  26. Hear about the latest restoration projects and what it takes to operate and manage 11 performance spaces, and more than 1,000 performances annually. 

  27. Love yoga and Broadway music?  Strike a “pose” on the KeyBank State Stage during a Partners yoga class.

    Partners members taking a yoga class on the Playhouse Square stage
  28. There are many different ways to get involved and participate, so you can be as active as your scheduled permits.

  29. Just come and have a lot of fun.

    Murder Mystery.JPG
    Partners Members at a Murder Mystery party
  30. Playhouse Square would not be where it is today without our donors, especially our young professionals.  We need you to help make a difference!

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