May 17, 2021

Al Roker & Sam Brock Visit our Historic Theaters

Last week, the TODAY Show’s Al Roker and NBC’s Sam Brock visited our great city and Playhouse Square as part of their “Reopening America” series. What a wonderful opportunity for the country to see how Cleveland is putting people back to work and bringing people together safely and joyfully. We are proud to be at the forefront of Cleveland’s reawakening, just as Al Roker noted, the restoration and reopening of Playhouse Square led Cleveland’s renaissance in the 1980s.

Watch: WKYC & Al Roker

Watch WKYC’s dive into Cleveland’s theater scene with Al Roker.


Watch: TODAY Show Spotlight Featuring Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square was featured in the TODAY Show spotlight on Cleveland's comeback. 


Spotlight photo courtesy of Tony Grey Photography.