Oct 20, 2022

Cast Q&A: CATS 🐈


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What's your name and who do you play in the show?

Hi there, my name is Cameron Schutza and I play Old Deuteronomy

For those who haven’t seen CATS before, in your own words (no spoilers) what's the show all about?

Once a year, a group of special cats, known as Jellicle cats, get together with their leader (Old Deuteronomy) to decide which of them gets to be reborn to a new life.

Were you a fan of the show growing up?

I have never seen Cats before. My parents saw the original broadway cast and I always liked the music but I don’t know that I would have said I was a fan. In the 5th grade we had a poetry unit in our English class. We had to memorize and recite poems in front of the whole class, and some of the poems were from T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. A small group of us performed some of the songs from the show for the rest of the class for extra credit.

Do you have a favorite song/moment in the show?

I am fortunate that I get to sit and listen to my colleagues quite a bit, as they perform their songs for Old Deuteronomy, and I keep finding new moments to love. Though I will say, the opening and the Jellicle Ball are pretty magical moments.

How is life on the road?

So far so good. This is an incredible group of people and I am fortunate to have them as my family for the next year.

Any favorite stops/moments so far?

LA was a blast and Santa Barbara was absolutely gorgeous. I am looking forward to exploring a lot of new cities while on tour.

Where is the States are you from originally?

I am originally from Houston, TX

Are you excited to visit Cleveland? Anything you’re hoping to see while in town?

I haven’t been to Cleveland since probably about 1999 when I was doing college trips my senior year of high school (I applied to Case Western and The Cleveland Institute), so I am excited to explore the city more this time.

Fun one before we finish…Garfield, Cat in the Hat, Puss in Boots, Tom (of Tom & Jerry), Hello Kitty which famous cat are you most like?

I think I would be a combination of a few. Maybe a bit of Garfield, a bit of Felix the Cat, a little Cheshire Cat, and a touch of Puss in Boots.

Finally, why should audiences come out and see CATS when you come to Cleveland? 

Cats is really an amazing theatrical experience. The amount of talent on the stage alone should be enough to entice anyone to the show; but, add to that the amazing orchestra; incredible set, costumes and wigs; the brilliant score; and the unbelievable choreography it is an easy decision…Come see Cats!!

CATS joins us November 1-20 as a part of the KeyBank Broadway Series 22/23. For tickets visit playhousesquare.org