Dec 6, 2022

CAST Q&A: Hamilton

Happy Holidays Cleveland! And nothing makes us happier than welcoming another phenomenal company of actors to Playhouse Square. Earlier this month we caught up with local actor Warren Eygpt Franklin ahead of his homecoming to Cleveland with the cast of Hamilton! 

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Hi Warren, it's so lovely to speak with you. If you want to start of by introducing yourself to our Playhouse Square audience. 

Hey! I’m Warren Egypt Franklin and I play Marquis De Lafayette & Thomas Jefferson.   

For those not in the know, can you tell us what Hamilton is about (no spoilers)? 

Well don’t listen to the first song if you don’t want spoilers lol but it’s a show about perseverance, struggle and finesse as we watch Hamilton rise through the ranks in not only our service but he helps build the treasury as well. All set to some pretty iconic tunes. 

How has the tour been so far? 

The tour has been a dream so far! Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that I’m in this role.   

Any favorite places you’ve visited? 

Omg! Toronto was such a fun time, DC and ATL also holds special places in my heart.   

So we know, but tell our audience where are you from originally? 

I’m from Cleveland, OHIO BABY! Born and raised Glenville area! 

Fun Fact: I’ve performed in every cleveland theater in playhouse square except for the State so I’m SO excited!   

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

Always listening to my pre show playlist to help me get in the mood and sing along to some of my fav songs as a vocal warm up!   

What was your first ever theatrical performance? 

Whew I want to say my 1st grade play was the earliest that I could remember and I was hooked ever since!   

Why should audiences come out and see Hamilton in 3 words or less!

Exceptional, Soulful, and Iconic. 

Warren Egypt Franklin, Desmond Sean Ellington, Elijah Malcomb, Pierre Jean Gonzalez-HAMILTON-(c) Joan Marcus 2021.jpg

HAMILTON joins us as a Huntington Bank Featured Performance, running now through January 15. For tickets visit