May 1, 2024

Cheers to the people who lunch in the Playhouse Square District

By Avery Elledge, Communications Intern

We'd like to propose a toast to all the wonderful Playhouse Square District lunch spots!

COMPANY is at the Connor Palace until May 19, and the “Ladies who Lunch” need some PSQ dining inspiration. As we know, the lunch spots in the district will always satisfy.

As much as we love the ladies, they are very particular with their toasts as heard in the song “Ladies Who Lunch.” Good thing we can find a fit for just about every one of them with lunch locations in the PSQ District! Let’s help them out, shall we…

1. To Laugh

1942 Tacos & Tequila

1942 margarita 2.jpg

We know martinis are a favorite in COMPANY, but if you’re looking to spice things up, you can trade out the martini for a margarita! What could be better than tacos, tequila, and lots of giggles?

2. To stay smart

Sushi En

Lunch specials? I’ll drink to that! Stop by Sushi En Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and treat yourself to sushi, roll, and Bento Box specials.

3. To keep in touch

Restore Cold Pressed

Don’t lose track of the girls! Always stay in the know with Restore’s free Wi-Fi and delicious offerings.

Pro tip: Chatting takes energy, make sure to grab a nutritious smoothie bowl while you’re there.

4. To watch

Corbo’s Bakery

20180416 Corbos0151.jpg
Located right in the heart of PSQ! At Corbo’s, you are right by the marquees and steps away from the glimmering Playhouse Square chandelier presented by GE Lighting, a Savant company. Catch all the action over a warm coffee, sweet treat or scrumptious meal!

5. To drink a bottle of scotch

Republic Food & Drink

A late lunch? No problem! Sit at Republic’s bar and enjoy a refreshing beverage & awesome appetizers every Tuesday through Fridas from 3 - 5 p.m. for Happy Hour!

6. A reason not to move

Hofbräuhaus Cleveland

Whether it is a jumbo pretzel, a tasty Lager, or a delicious Bratwurst dish, Hofbräuhaus will have you stuffed with their traditional Bavarian cuisine. There is so much to love, you may never leave!

7. To stay on the go

Green Rooster Farms

When you have a busy day full of optical art and fittings, quick and efficient is the way to go! Grab a fresh salad or sandwich from Green Rooster Farms to keep you energized all day.

8. To brunch

Yours Truly

A toast to that invincible brunch! Enjoy brunch anytime of the day with all day breakfast and a wide variety of delectable lunch options at Yours Truly.   

Everybody rise! Let’s hear it for the ladies who lunch.

Find your perfect lunch spot, that meets all your special requirements, with Playhouse Square’s Dining Guide. See you in the PSQ District!