Feb 9, 2022

From Broadway with Love ❤

Love. Oh love...that indescribable, uncontrollable, inconvenient emotion that drives every man, woman, dog, awkward teen and Broadway it would seem, to moments of magic and madness. From a love-sick Phantom to a hopelessly devoted Eponine, the theme of love, love lost and love found, has been a driving force for Broadway for as long as roses have been red and violets blue. With the season of love now upon us (cue the RENT intro), we are counting down our favorite Broadway couples that have sung their way into our hearts. 


Simba & Nala - The Lion King 

"Can you feel the love tonight?"


Photo by Joan Marcus 


Guy & Girl - Once

"And I love her so, I wouldn't trade her for gold"


Photo by Joan Marcus


Cosette & Marius - Les Misérables

"A heart full of love. A heart full of song."


Photo by Johan Persson


Alexander & Eliza - Hamilton

"Boy, you got me Helpless"


Photo by Joan Marcus


Elphaba & Fiyero - Wicked 

"As long as you're mine"


Photo by Matt Crockett


Vivian & Edward - Pretty Woman

"You're beautiful"


Photo by Matthew Murphy


Emma & Alyssa - The Prom

"I just want to dance with you" 


Photo by Deen van Meer


Angel & Collins - Rent 

"Live in my house, I'll be your shelter"


Photo by Joan Marcus 


Orpheus & Eurydice - Hadestown

"Now I wanna hold you, hold you close"


Photo by Matthew Murphy


Tony & Maria - West Side Story 

"The most beautiful sound I ever heard...Maria"


Photo by Sara Krulwich