Mar 21, 2019

The PHANtastic Costumes of The Phantom of the Opera

As we inch closer to The Phantom of the Opera’s triumphant return to Playhouse Square, we thought we would dive in and take a deeper look at the incredible costumes of the show!

Costume designer Maria Björnson received numerous awards for The Phantom of the Opera costume designs. There are over 1,200 costume pieces used throughout each performance of The Phantom of the Opera, and the show incorporates most of her designs from the original production to date.



Untitled design.jpg

This iconic silk tailsuit is worn by the Phantom for throughout the show. For an elegant man of the Phantom’s time, after the sun goes down, this was normal attire. 



Untitled design (1).jpg

Pictured above is Christine Daaé’s “Don Juan Triumphant” Costume in Act Two. This dress was inspired by Spanish Folklore Style.

Untitled design (2).jpg

Christine Daaé’s first costume in the show is a slave girl costume from the “Hannibal” Opera Scene in Act 1. This costume is a romanticized version of a slave girl worn by members of the ballet chorus throughout the “Hannibal” scene.



Untitled design (3).jpg

This beautiful metallic dress is worn by Carlotta, the opera diva, during The Managers’ Office scene in Act One.


You can see these costumes in person April 3 -20 in the KeyBank State Theatre at Playhouse Square.