Apr 5, 2024

The sounds of a solar eclipse!

April 8th marks a total solar eclipse that will chart a path of totality right through Cleveland starting at 3:13pm. A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth are aligned, or in synergy. When in the path of totality, the sky turns dark due to the moon’s disk blocking the sun.


Viewers will need protective eyewear and to take safety precautions throughout the day. Don’t miss this incredible moment because it won’t happen again in the United States until 2044!


The world couldn’t go around without the sun and the moon, and neither could Broadway! The sun and moon represent love, passion, joy, hope, connection, freedom, and mystery for our favorite Broadway shows.


In celebration of this exciting occasion, we have curated the perfect playlist for your Eclipse Viewing Party.


Get those lawn chairs out, eyewear on and Broadway bops playing! Don’t worry, “the sun will come out tomorrow” and until then, the “stars and the moon will guide you.”