Sep 15, 2022

Why is theater so important for children? 🎭




Theater comes in many forms, from the weird and wonderful to the real and relatable. Engaging young people with theater from an early age can stimulate their own creativity and open their minds exponentially to the endless possibilities of life.




From HAMILTON to EVITA, SIX to COME FROM AWAY, the world of the modern musical is not far off a 7th grade history lesson. So why not give your child a head-start in school with a night at the theater. 




Remember, words have power and communication is key - theater is all about just that. Theater creatives make clever use of script and lyrics to connect with their audience.  Experiencing theater can help children understand the variety of relationship dynamics ahead of them, how to communicate with others, have empathy and to express their own emotions.




It’s not all jazz hands and sing-alongs…Theater is a global industry with countless career opportunities. From performing to production, marketing to sales, the world of theater can be a viable future path for the workforce of tomorrow.




In the words of Annie, "It’s a hard knock life." This sentiment holds true for children even in 2022. More and more we see issues of stress and anxiety among our young people. Theater can provide a means of escape for young people, a safe space where they can pause and give in to imagination and play.  




In the most practical sense, experiencing a theater show can be two hours of sitting still, without an electronic device and paying attention. Do not take for granted the great life lessons of patience and concentration at work here.




At it’s very core, theater is a chance for children to experience joy. Here at Playhouse Square we love to witness a child’s first experience with theater, to see the amazement and happiness that lights up their face as the curtain goes up. From Broadway to our Family Theater Day and of course our beloved Children’s Theater Series, we are privileged to introduce theater to countless young people year after year.


To learn more about our Children’s Theater Series visit -  Children's Theater Series at

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