Sensory-Friendly Performance at Playhouse Square – January 2015

Sensory-Friendly Programming

presented by Denise G. and Norman E. Wells, Jr.

Playhouse Square is proud to commit to arts education, providing a variety of free and low-cost programs dedicated to inspiring and invigorating people of all ages, perspectives and abilities.

Our sensory-friendly initiative is dedicated to increasing access and inclusion for those with sensory needs including autistic individuals.

About Sensory-Friendly Programming

Why might a trip to the theater be difficult for autistic individuals or persons with other sensory challenges?

Whether especially sensitive to lights, smells or sounds, or constantly seeking opportunities to increase sensory information by touching objects, stomping feet or clapping hands, for those affected, a traditional theater experience can be overwhelming. 

What makes a performance sensory-friendly?

  • Lower sound levels, especially for startling or loud sounds
  • Guests are free to talk, leave their seats and move freely during the performance
  • House lights in the theater are left on low throughout the performance
  • Designated calming areas staffed by volunteer specialists are available
  • All are welcome in a judgment-free environment

Video Resources

We have partnered with the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Dr. Thomas Kelbley to create a sensory-friendly video series to explore different ways to relax and manage stress. 

Sensory-Friendly Program Tools

Headed to an upcoming sensory-friendly program? Here are a few tools to help plan your visit.

Plan Your Visit

Want to learn a little bit about the Playhouse Square area? Learn more about our neighborhood (the restaurants, the theaters, maps and more) in the Plan Your Visit section of our website.

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Parking and Drop Off Information

Parking and drop-off accommodations vary from program to program. Each program will have specific information as to what accommodations are available. For general information about parking at Playhouse Square, visit the Directions and Parking page on our website.

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Social Story- Visiting Playhouse Square

Social stories can be used to help individuals with autism prepare for a social interaction or situation.

Video Social Story For Schools And Groups


Video Social Story For Families

Accessibility Information

Wheelchair accommodations vary from program to program. Each program will have specific information as to what accommodations (and how to arrange for them) are available. For general information about Playhouse Square accessibility services, please visit the Accessibility Information page on our website.

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Upcoming Sensory-Friendly Events

There are no events at this time.