Allen Theatre

A Glimpse at History: The Allen Theatre

The Allen Theatre’s April 1, 1921 opening night attracted more patrons than its 3,080 seat capacity that scores of disappointed filmgoers had to be turned away. Originally built as an opulent silent movie house, the Allen required no backstage facilities (dressing rooms, storage, etc.). To later acco...

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Hanna Theatre

Originally seating 1,397 for legitimate theater, the Hanna Theatre opened March 28, 1921, and would go on to host such stage and film luminaries as Al Jolson, Katherine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Ethel Barrymore, Ginger Rogers, Helen Hayes, Mary Martin and Yul Brynner. Playhouse Square assumed management of the Hanna in August 1999 following its purchase of th...

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Mimi Ohio Theatre

The Mimi Ohio Theatre’s opening night (known then as the Ohio Theatre), February 14, 1921, revealed one of Playhouse Square’s most elaborate lobbies with a breathtaking frescoed ceiling, stately Corinthian columns and three large murals, all of which would be lost to a devastating lobby fire in 1964 and then ambitiously re-created in 2016. In ...

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KeyBank State Theatre

The KeyBank State Theatre, the first and largest of the Playhouse Square theaters to be constructed, had the distinction of being the venue with “the world’s longest theater lobby” when it premiered Feb. 5, 1921. The lobby also displayed four (now-priceless) murals by American modernist James Daugherty. Opened as a movie/vaudeville ...

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Connor Palace

The last of the four principal Playhouse Square theaters (and the most expensive to build at $3,500,000), the Palace Theatre, renamed Connor Palace in 2014, opened Nov. 6, 1922 as the flagship of B.F. Keith’s vaudeville chain. The sign atop its building advertising the Connor Palace was “the world’s largest electrical sign” ci...

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Westfield Studio Theatre

Opened in 2005 as a key component of the Idea Center, the Westfield Studio Theatre seats 300 within a highly flexible “black box” space with state-of-the-art performance and television broadcast capabilities: collapsible and portable seating systems, specialized floor construction (suitable for TV production and presentation theater)...

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Kennedy's Theatre

Located beneath the lobby of the Mimi Ohio Theatre, the intimate Kennedy’s Cabaret (with a maximum capacity of 100) is unique to the Playhouse Square family of venues. The space still sports its original 1921 exposed-brick walls. It opened as a performance space November 15, 1975 and now plays host to a variety of one-man shows, plays and other...

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Outcalt Theatre

One of only three such theater spaces in the country, the adaptability of the Outcalt Theatre can be reconfigured to present events in Thrust, Arena, End-stage or Runway modes, with capacities ranging from 259 – 334. Debuting January 13, 2012, this contemporary designed and technically state-of-the-art venue offers superb facilities for learning and...

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Helen Rosenfeld Lewis Bialosky Lab Theatre

At just 150 seats, the Helen Rosenfeld Lewis Bialosky Lab Theatre is used for Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University student productions, as well as children’s theater, readings and other events. Opened February 1, 2012, The Helen offers the flexibility for experimental programs, as well as technical learning opportuniti...

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Upper Allen

The Upper Allen is the original balcony of the Allen Theatre constructed in 1921. It has been converted into space for film, lectures and intimate performances.

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